Yay! – A new hotspot in town.

Does De Pijp have enough hotspots? Never! Therefor a warm welcome to one of the latest newbees: Yay! A place in which only healthy food is being served. And that doesn’t mean yuk! It means yum! And yay! That too. But the title of this new hotspot might have given that one away already…

When you enter Yay, you can clearly see that this place has been inspired by Asia. At least I think it has been. Cute colorful cushions everywhere, Persian carpets, lots of wood, that kinda work.

Make sure to make one of the floor seats yours! In my opinion those are the best. Sink down on the mattresses that lie on top of the pallets and make yourself right at home. That shouldn’t be too difficult.

Ready to order? Then go for the chocolate pancakes (healthy: yay!) or the fruitbowl (always healthy, but over here double as good as anywhere else: double yay!) oh and in case you have something to celebrate, or not, go for the chocolat pie. It just melts on you tongue. Yay!

By the way, you can also enjoy some yoga classes at Yay! And they sell some nice stuff too. But I have to say that I am mostly a fan of their breakfast/lunch part.

Enough with the cheering, time to pay a visit and see for your self what I’m talking about… www.yayamsterdam.nl