Winter is coming… Pick your coat

A Scandinavian loose snit or a classical, female wool trench? Or maybe you just love to live in fake fur? It’s coming up, the big wintercoat issue: Which wintercoat to choose… 

It’s a first world issue. I know, but still it really is one! I fell in love with this checkered coat from Spijkers and Spijker.

The quality of this brand is outstanding, the chequers are a trend you’ll see in the streets more often this season and I love it. It gives the coat a classical feel.

But because the chequers are pretty big, and the snit is loose, it’s a tough coat too. And it most certainly kept me warm on these first few ‘it-feels-like-winter-even-though-it’s-not’ colddddd days!

The coat made sure that I was still walking through Amsterdam with a smile (and believe me, I usually don’t smile when I’m cold). And that counts for something, right?

Coat: Spijkers & Spijkers
Bag: Hip-e
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Sacha 

Photo’s: The fabulous Silvia Falcomer!!

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