Voltt loves summer. And so do I.

I have to say: I like a good party. Who doesn’t?! Especially a birthday party. Those are my favorite. That’s why I got very exited when I heard that Voltt Festival is celebrating it’s 10th b-day next Saturday. Time for balloons and champagne. Oh no wait, it’s a festival. How about great tunes and ice cold beers? I’m still in!

A festival usually asks for a crazy cool outfit and so, to prepare myself properly, I took a look in my cousins closet. I guess everybody knows that you’ll almost always find the best outfits in closets of friends (or in this case family). Anyhow, I ended up wearing some sort of seventees outfit. Haven’t got a clue yet if this is what I am going to wear next Saturday, but I thought it would be nice to  share it with you anyways…

Want to join me for a little dance at Voltt this weekend? There are still some tickets available and I checked out the weather forecast this morning: it is looking pretty good! Voltt loves summer and so do I. And probably you do too. So what are you waiting for?

Tickets: www.voltt.com

Jeans:              Juicy Couture
Blouse:            H&M
Bag:                 Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sneakers:         All Stars