Travel: Buzios – The Saint Tropez of South America

If you have been following my Instagram account the last few weeks, you might have noticed that I was somewhere sunny! Yay me. I think that’s a very positive something, especially in Januari. Where my travel took me? To beautiful Buzios; a small town in Brazil, a three hour drive from Rio de Janeiro.

They call Buzios the Saint Tropez of South America and I’l tell you why that is: Buzios has tons of pretty beaches, lots of tiny beautiful boutiques, a whole range of restaurants and all the fancy (read: rich) peeps from Argentina are spending their holidays here. The last component explains the sometimes pretty high prizes (€5,- for an ice cream cone is normal in this town).

I was visiting my best friend who’s lived here for almost a year now and it was awesome to see where she lives, but also to experience the local way of life which you only get to see when you’re staying with someone who really lives at the place you’re visiting.

In my opinion Buzios is a very pretty town, that with its 22 beaches, cute and chique city center and at the same time loose beach vibe, is totally worth visiting. Nice extra: it’s kinda not discovered by the Dutchies yet, so if you hate to bump into fellow Dutch people, Buzios is a good travel destination…

Some tips: go to Bar de Zé (one of the nicest restaurants in town), visit Manguinhos beach for beautiful sunsets and Ibiza’ish vibes, go to Geriba for some surflessons, check out Ferradura beach for pretty sights and some rock climbs, visit Ossos, Amarcao beach for some fun stand up paddling. Once you’re around these last beaches, please check out Hata for lunch (best Acai in town). Want to taste the Brazilian beach vibe? Then try Chiringuito. And for the cutest daytime cafe go to Maria Maria!

Oh and best shop in town? Animale. They sell quite some stunning clothes, but make sure to save up up front, they have European prices (you pay €70,- for a skirt/t-shirt for example). Last tip: buy some cachasa in the supermarket before you go home, a bottle will cost you like €30,- in Holland and only €2,50 in Buzios! And you can make some awesome caiprinhas with it.

Ok, now I wrote all this, I want to go back. Like: immediately. Well, because that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, I hereby share with you my fave photo’s of the beautiful place, so I can stay in the holiday mode just a little longer. Hope the pics make you feel the holiday vibe too, if only a little. What’s next? Keeping our fingers crossed and hope that summer will come to Holland pretty soon. I know I’m ready.

It’s all possible, so really… It’s up to you. But no matter what you do, make sure you’ll enjoy it! I guess at Robbies, that won’t be a problem…