REIN – Good food

In case you feel like you could use some ‘healthening up’  after the weekend (I know that’s not a word, but I just made it one). I’ve got some good news for you. The news is called: REIN. It’s a slightly new place between Weesperplein and Amstel station. The extra good news? Light and fresh is the best way to describe their interior, I guess. Plus: once you leave REIN, you will feel super healthy again. 

At REIN they serve clean food. From smoothies (yay!) to salads and from coffees to oathies (which are some sort of sandwiches, but then without the gluten). Their interior is really charming, oh and they play Ed Sheeran (at least they did so when I was there). And one knows I love Ed Sheeran! So probs for that too!

All together, REIN is really a ‘should visit’ hotspot. And not in the last place because of their ‘Goodmorning’ smoothie. I promise you, once you drink this green fellow, your morning will indeed be good! It’s de-li-cious. And full of healthy ingredients: almondmilk, banana, chia seeds, hemp seeds, dates, coco-flower, spinach and cacaonibs. I tell you: it’s YUM!

Have a great week. Go to work/study and kick ass! You can do it! Yes you can. I know it, you know it. And whenever you need a boost, go to REIN 😉 Ok, now I’ll round up. Bu-Byyyyye!