Outfit: sweaters and skirts

A huge fan of the sweater and skirt outfit, that’s what I am. I love it when the comfy ‘don’t care’ vibe that comes with most sweaters meets the je ne sais quoi girly language that skirts speak. It’s actually a little bit boy meets girl’ish… And don’t we all love that story? 

My sweater in these pics is from H&M and I like to think that its ice cold blue color suits the January month very well (although it seems like the weather begs to differ, but that’s another discussion, I don’t want to get into that right now).

The flowy skirt is from BZR and has pockets: Yas! A skirt that looks stylish and girly but at the same time is practical, has the best of both worlds if you’d ask me. And also: it has a very, very comfy fit.

Why I shot the pictures at Amsterdam Central station? Because I’m me: always in a hurry, from one destination of to the other. You could almost call Amsterdam CS my home base. No, kidding! But I do spend an awful lot of time over there sprinting for the next train.

This week I won’t be in a hurry that much, because I’ll be enjoying my vacation in Brazil with my bestie! Curious? Then stay tuned for some beautiful snaps from Braziiiiiil Lalalalalalalaaaaaa. Ok, you get my point. Time to say goodbye. And to adjust a little to the Brazilian culture already, I’ll say it in Portugese this time: Até a vista!

Sweater: H&M
Skirt: BZR
Boots: Zalando
Necklace: Mimi et Toi