Outfit – Fake furry friend

There are different categories when it comes to winter coats! You’ve got the ‘it looks great when worn open, but loses it’s charm when you button up’ kinda coat. Then there is the ‘brilliantly warm, but looks like a sleeping bag’ version. Also I’ve met the ‘looks awesome but misses out on keeping you warm’ buddy. Last but not least, we’ve got the best wintercoat categorie there is: ‘looks amazing while it surely keeps you warm’!

Luckily several coats can join this division. The coat that you’ll find in these photo’s is definitely one of them.

I never thought I would fall for purple(ish). But when I saw this coat, I just new it belonged to me: stylish, fluffy and warm. Now bring on that white Christmas!

Coat: Gesponnen Suiker. 
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Boots: Zalando

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