Outfit: Fabulous flares

I love flares! I think it was like 5 years ago that laid my hands on a Vogue or ELLE or another fancy magazine (don’t remember which one anymore) and read that flares where making a comeback. To some trends you really have to get used, others you feel right away. This trend, to me was the latter. 

So after quite some searching… my newest pair of jeans turned out to be a flared one. Yay! I thought. But then? Too bad! All the peeps in the streets seemed to think that the magazine I read was talking rubbish. I was the only wannabe Fay Dunnaway that year. 

Year in year out it went like that. Untill last summer! Finally peeps started to embrace the leg elongating flares too. Yay!

Recently I found this velvet pair at a Christmas market and from the minute I saw them I was a huge fan. This pair is in my opinion both comfy and chique. It looks cool with an oversized sweater, leather jacket OR a striped croptop like the one of MbyM, which you can see in the pics.

With flares you can create lots of styles. So go on and combine all you can! I know you’ve got this! And uhm… Let’s keep this trend in the streets a little longer. That would make me very happy! Thanks in advance.

Velvet Flares: Christmas Market
Striped shirt: MbyM
Heels: Aldo