Outfit – Dressing up in Amsterdam

After four days of carnaval, it is time to get back to real life. I planned an outfit post of my carnaval costume, but let’s be honest… Because of the party’ing and all I just didn’t get proper photos. At least not web-worthy 😉 So, I decided to skip that one.

Luckily you can also play some sort of dress up in real life and therefor I would very much like to share this latest outfit with you. Because dressing trendy is definitely my second favorite kind of dress up…

It’s not often that I really like every item in an outfit equally, but with this one that’s the case. Literally from top (glasses) to toe (the cute-ass shoes)… Love it!

The fun thing about this outfit, I guess, is that even though both the jacket and the jeans have a loose fit, it works anyways. Usually I like te combine wide with tide. Just as I like to combine tough with feminine.

But in this case it felt ok to wear two loose items. And in the mean time, I still felt pretty girly. Hurray for that!

Maybe it was because of the lipstick and the cute shoes… But also I guess that the quality and details of the jacket and the jeans made that even though it was loose, it was still very much thought through, qualitative and well-groomed.

Anyhow… In case you got curious and would like to find out where to get these pretty items; read along!

Jacket: Spijkers en Spijkers
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Glasses: Porsche Design
Shoes: Sacha