Outfit: Braid it baby

outfit spijkers en spijkers

Braids, we see them everywhere! And when you check my Pinterset bod ‘Awesome hairdo’s’ you’ll be treated at quite some pretty braid magic. Because: seriously? How do people do that?! It may be clear that I have no braiding-talent whatsoever. Luckily some time ago, I ran into Victoire Klaassen. And she masters the braiding art perfectly. All we had to do was have some coffee together, figure out which braids we really wanted to try and decide which outfit went best with each braid… And so we did!

outfit spijkers en spijkers

We came up with three looks. The other two will be online soon. But let’s start with this one… The two braid knotted one. It’s messy and impressive at the same time and I like that!

Outfit spijkers en spijkers

But it’s also a little bit girly and we wanted to spice this look up. Therefor we picked some awesome pieces from Spijkers en Spijkers. A look through top is sexy and kick-ass at the same time and those pants (that fit like a freakin’ comfortable glove) added some lady-like’ness to the total picture. A beanie to toughen things up and we we’re ready to roll.

braids by Victoire Klaassen

We shot the photo’s with the very cute Choanou. This lady is a busy bee who’s besides the owner of jewelry brand Taj now also looking for a career in photography. And I think this babe is doing pretty damn good.

outfit spijkers en spijkers

At least we had a whole lot of fun and that counts for something too, right? Hope your Wednesday is sunny and stunning. Next Friday you can expect another blog to go live. So, see you then?