Oh LA LA – Los Angeles hotspots

I already told you how ‘glamour-city’ aka Los Angeles totally had me at day one. But then there was also day two and three and four (lucky me!) and it seemed to get better by the day.

The diversity of LA is so cool and the feeling that you’re starring a movie is there to be felt every single minute. That’s why I’d be more than happy to share some of my favorite hotspots/cool places in LA.

At first: The ACE Hotel
The ACE hotel is luxurious but even more it’s trendy and arty. It has a great restaurant and an amazing rooftop bar. The food in their restaurant is to be described as: pretty damn good. The chicken they serve is so tender, it just makes you wanna cry. Happy tears, obvisously.

The crowd at the ACE hotel matches the establishment: it is pretty artistic. For example: at my left, there was a guy singing to his girlfriend. He was singing pretty loudly, like people usually only do in movies. Musical kind of movies. His girlfriend shrugged, smiled at us and said ‘He’s an actor. So don’t mind him too much. He can’t help it.’  We smiled back and at that moment the people sitting at our right side approached us. Where we were from, was their question. ‘Holland’ we said. They smiled and told us they both had their roots in Europe. Later on we found out that they were working on the Daftpunk documentary. They were recording it at that very moment in one of the ACE rooms upstairs. Wow. If that ain’t cool, I didn’t know what is.

Santa Monica and Venice
The next morning we were going on a surfing course, right next to the Santa Monica Pier. Something I totally recommend to every single one of you. Our surf instructor was everything you expect an LA surf instructor to be, with his laid back attitude , long hair, and whitened teeth he stunned me right away. The sea had saved his life, he told us. That kind of guy… Fascinating.

Meeting him was a funny experience on it’s own, but the surfing itself was even better. Catching a wave is in my opinion the best feeling ever (ok, maybe kissing someone you really like for the very first time beats it, but that should be about it).

After the surfing we walked the famous Santa Monica pier (one of those moments in which I felt like starring a movie). We rented some bikes and biked our beach cruisers to Venice Beach, a spot that in my opinion is a little overrated.

But when you bike a little further, you’ll discover the amazing Venice canals. Especially those who’ve watched the show Californication will love it. Pinky swear.

The movie studios!
When in ‘Rome’… You can’t miss out on the studio’s in case you are a movie freak and in LA. So ofcourse Jaap and I visited the movie studio’s. We sat on the Friends couch in Central Perk, caught the real Harry Potter Snitch and were amazed by the bad-ass batmobiles. Which was all a whole lot of fun.

But my all time favorite of ‘movie-studio day: the Minion Mayhem (in the Universal Studios). Meet Agnes, Gru and a whole bunch of minions in ‘real’ life. I felt like I was six again; couldn’t get the smile of my face.

The Mondrian hotel
When you’re going to the Mondrian Hotel, please make sure you dress up like you’re going to a fancy Vogue’ish kinda party. Because the people at the Mondrian sure as hell are fashionable. This venue ended up being my fave LA-dinner spot. We were sitting at a table outside from where we could see almost all of LA. The city with all it’s lights, looked like a sky full of stars and in the meantime the most amazing drinks and dinner plates where being served to us.

When Jaap and I where eating at the glamorous venue our attention got pulled towards a party by the hotel pool. We asked our waitress about it and she told us the party was invites/hotel guests only. We chose to ignore that.

As acting is the biggest business in LA, we decided to show our acting skills to the door guy. We acted like we were all confident and just belonged to that party. I put up my prettiest smile and the door guy smiled right back at us and told us to come in. Yay us.

When we were in, we secretly high fived like two nerdy Muppets and started mingling with the fabulous LA crowd. It was a party like you normally only see in series like Gossip Girl; loud music, pretty people, a way too drunk naked guy taking his clothes off and jumping in the pool all the sudden (there’s almost always one naked guy, why the hell is that?!). That kind of party.

After all the partying we were pretty tired, we got into a cab and returned to our beautiful hotel to get us some sleep. Once at our hotel room, I was laying my head on my pillow and Jaap said: sweet dreams!

I smiled and all the sudden I thought: I am gonna have sweet dreams for sure, but if not, that won’t be a problem. Because, let’s be honest: In LA, who needs to dream at night. The dreams are there to catch, at every corner of the street, right when you’re awake.