Oh LA LA – The Line Hotel

I will never forget the moment Jaap and I entered the city. It’s blue skies, the palmtrees and that killing amount of traffic. But the traffic didn’t bother me at all. I was too busy staring out of my window, feeling exactly the vibe I expected to feel and singing along with the guilty pleasure-songs I had just put up on the radio. 

Have you already guessed what city I am talking about? I’m talking about Celebville, the movie epicenter of the world, LA LA Land. I am talking about Los fabulous Angeles.

It’s been three months now. But I still think about this city all the time. Especially since lately I am watching Entourage: an easy to watch tv-show, which I most definitely recommend. If only it where for the leading role of Adrian Grenier. In case you don’t know the guy, please google him. You’ll probably leave this blog immediately to go watch the show, but I won’t blame you. I promise.

Ok. Back to the city for I am even more crazy about LA than I am about Adrian Grenier. Why? Because of it’s beach, it’s vibe, it’s weather, it’s awesome venues, the people who all seem to have to do something with films, tv-shows and/or modeling. It’s just. I don’t know. Let me show you some pictures and share some of the great venues, maybe you’ll then get me a little bit better.

To start with: our hotel. Wow, was that awesome! We were staying at The Line Hotel: a hotel in Korea Town with the coolest personnel I have ever met. Even the lift boy was totally Zen, because he had been to yoga that morning. Now have you ever? No, you probably haven’t.

When we entered our ‘too cool for school’ room, we found out we had a view which included the Hollywood sign. Which lead to smiles all over the place. The room itself actually wasn’t too bad either. With it’s concrete walls and industrial feel, it looked more then awesome. Besides there were some magazines waiting for me. The Line Hotel actually got me right away!

Over there we found the hotel its swimming pool + its restaurant ‘The Commissary’. We were some sort of starving, so we decided to grab a bite at this place, which turned out to be really good! But besides the great food, there was also the experience, that is: everything that came along with the food was amazing. From the way the cutlery was presented to the drawn (not typed) menu and from the greenhouse in which the restaurant was settled to the plates and glasses, who where all different from each other. I loved it.

We ended up having bites and/or drinks and/or breakfast over there every day that we stayed at the hotel. And we didn’t regret it once.

Wow. Wait. I now only told you about the hotel, while I still want to tell you so, so much about the rest of the city and our trip: about the amazing party we crashed at the Mondrian, the producers of the Daft Punk documentary we met at Ace Hotel, the super awesome Minion Mayhem ride at The Universal studio’s and our surfing lesson at Santa Monica Beach…

Well, hereby I promise: I’ll tell you all about that at the beginning of next week. Please stay tuned! Because Oh LA LA, the best is yet to come.