Mama Kelly – The perfect lunch spot

Last Sunday Jaap (the B-friend) and I were in The Hague. After some strolling through the city, buying some new shoes (for me, hurray!) and some presents (for Jaap his sisters, it was their birthday. Hurray again!), we decided that it was time for lunch. I had read some about this hotspot called Mama Kelly, so we decided to go there.

Even though it is quite a bit outside of the city center, once you arrive, you get why this place is a hit. The old boiler room serves as the perfect background of a hipster-like restaurant. But… It’s more than just that!

Mama Kelly really knows how to get to you. It starts with the amazing interior (the dining hall just blew me away), then you get a menu that makes you smile (a big smile!). The waitresses are very friendly and don’t get me started about my rotisserie sandwich!

I can hear you think: what’s so damn special about a chicken sandwich?! (because that’s actually what it is). Well, please just give it a try. The way they prepare this too tender to be true chicken (with some sort of hoisin sauce so that the chicken becomes both sweet and salty) is just amazing. Jaap ordered meatballs, prepared the old skool way. And those turned out to be really, very tasty too. Yay us.

Once we were finished and had to go to the b-day party of Jaap his sisters, we decided to pay. And… AWW! They wrote a little message on the bill. I’m such a sucker for that! I quote: ‘Nice to have you here. Hope you’ll have a great day.’ Well we did have a great day. And it was partly because of them! As with most mama’s, at Mama Kelly’s you’ll feel at home right away, so in case you don’t have any Sunday plans yet…