Ibiza – How it started

It was 5.30AM and after a slight delay our plane was leaving. We. Were. Going. To. Ibizaaaa. Wow. Back to the island. Jaap and I smiled at each other once 2 and a half hours had passed and we’d touched Ibiza ground.

After picking up our suitcase, we grabbed a cab and went to our hotel: Ibiza Sun. Once we set foot in the hotel a friendly guy started helping us right away. He smiled, told us that we got a free bottle of wine as a present from them to us (oh, how I love presents!) and we got to go to our room. A white, design-ish interior was key over here, of course there were the classic white crisp hotel sheets and also we found out that the swimming pools looked awesome from above.

By the time we had settled a little, we decided to go for a first drink at the hotel bar and we ordered some nachos with home made guacamole. Yum!

After that, we decided to visit the old city. We strolled a little, had a drink at the great venue s’Escalinata (where prices are really ok and the sight of all those cushions on the stairs is adorable). By the time of 10AM, we wanted to have dinner at La Oliva (it’s supposedly the best restaurant of the city) but, boohoo, it was fully booked.

(Photo credits: white-ibiza.com)

But! Our smiles stayed on (after all our holiday had just started) and we asked if the neighbors had a table for us. Yay us. They had one last table and therefor we ended up eating at La Torretta. In my opinion it was actually just as good as La Oliva. Plus: the waiters were amazingly funny! We liked it so much over there (their jambon Iberico as a starter is just… wow! And the wine wasn’t too bad either) that we turned out to be the last people in the restaurant.

After this wonderful diner it was time to go ‘home’ and after a flight, some new impressions and a bottle of wine we slept like babies under the crisp white sheets. The next morning it was time for a great hotel breakfast: eggs (scrambled, fried, poached, boiled and different sorts of omelets), yoghurt, nuts, fresh fruits, etc. It was all there.. At Ibiza Sun they know what ‘breakfast for champions’ means…

Once we’d finished our breakfasts, our holiday had officially started. We picked our first beachclub to soak up some sun. And in the days after we visited awesome venues like Sa Punta, The Harbour Club and Experimental Beach. Want to know which Ibiza hotspots are my favorites? Stay tuned. There is more to come…