Hotspot: Jansz – Simple, chique and stunning

Jansz, it’s the new restaurant of the Pullitzer hotel and it’s location actually says everything. Because from almost every table you can see both the cozy and cute Reestraat and the chique and stunning Keizersgracht and it’s fun to experience that the characteristics of both these streets are coming together inside the restaurant. From a simple dish like meatballs to a fancy wine like the ‘can-I-take-this-one-home’ Chenin Blanc from South Africa (pleeeease try this one if you decide to go to this new hotspot) it’s all fab! 

Quality is key at Jansz, that’s clear right away. From the marble on the tables to the tasty food AND the awesome waiters and waitresses. Why the capitals for the word ‘and’? Because it’s amazing how the people at Jansz can really sense the atmosphere at the table and play a little with that. Also because they really know what they are talking about. And don’t we all like that?

At Jansz you can share. I won’t call you a fool if you refuse, because the food is really good. Their burrata is so soft! And the meat very juicy. But eating at Jansz is a great opportunity to taste a little of everything and I am going to call you a fool when you won’t wanna do that.

Especially the dessert menu! Even if you are not a dessert person; when I was at Jansz eating at a table of 10, all the sudden everybody turned into one. That cheesecake! I promise you; it’s the real deal. But also desserts that usually wouldn’t be my pick, like coconut panna cotta for example; wow. You won’t know what hit you.

Pullitzer Amsterdam

What’s more? After dinner (or lunch, whatever you like) please visit their stunning art deco bar (which is definitely a hotspot aswel) for a fancy cocktail! Oh and in any case possible… book a room! Because it’s not only the restaurant that’s new. The whole Pullitzer got renewed and it’s stunning!

Photo credits: Typhoon Hospitality and Pullitzer hotel