CottonCake – Food and fashion (yay!)

I had heard about CottonCake several times and the white interior pictures, cute cakes and delish breakfasts that I’d seen, made me want to visit this hotspot in De Pijp too.

Last Thursday it was about time. Walking in, at first I didn’t get it. This was a shop… Not a lunchroom, right? Wrong! Once I looked up, I saw there was a second floor. Ah, I had entered a concept store. On the first floor you can shop, at the second one you can enjoy your coffee (after you’d had a look at the beautiful, mostly Scandinavian fashion collection).

I sat myself down at the second floor and ordered a big teapot with fresh Ginger – Mint tea, a combination the cute waitress recommended and that didn’t dissapoint. When I saw the menu, the first thing that occured to me was the Smoothie Bowl they served. And I decided to go for it. Yum, is definitely the right word to describe it.

The little green monster contained avocado, banana, dates, almond milk and quite some more yummy things. It filled me up and at the same time it made me feel shiny and healthy and I most certainly like it when food does that.

I have two minus-point for this concept store (which are actually also plusses): there are only few sitting spots (the luckiest girls manage to get the spot on the couch) and whenever you come in for coffee, you’ll probably leave with quite some other stuff. I ended up buying two industrial photoframes and a bottle of pretty labeled vodka. Just saying.

Furthermore: go there and enjoy! Soak up the calm white atmosphere, try the ginger-mint tea and don’t forget to order the smoothie bowl, although the spelt waffles were looking pretty damn good too. I guess it’s up to you.​