Baggin’ you 😉

It was last thursday that I went for coffee with Evelien from Hip-e, a Dutch bag brand which I find pretty awesome. We agreed to meet at the Coffee Company at the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam. Uhm. It appears that there are two Coffee Companies at the Van Woustraat…

We texted each other at about the same moment: ‘I have arrived’. I saw Evelien’s message, took a quick look around, but didn’t see anyone that even looked like her. It took us about five minutes to find out that we were both sitting in a different cafe.

I had to grin and decided to take a walk and get over to the other venue. Once I’d arrived we both laughed about this silly misunderstanding and ordered a cappuccino and a latte. The day had officialy started.

Evelien told me about her newest collection and how it is a big hit now in Scandinavia. I wasn’t surprised. She showed me some bags from her latest, western inspired, collection and I smiled at almost every bag she showed me. I wish I could’ve taken them all home. Unfortunately this was not the case, but I got to keep two of the bags and that already made me very (VERY!) happy…

We shot some pretty nice outfit pics with the other beauties. And boy, did we have a lot of fun doing that.

My faves? The black ‘Rocking Rebelle’ bag and all of the crazy cool backpacks. These are simple, though at the same time super stylish and I love them #crush

Got a little curious and would you like to see some more of the Hip-e collection? Online (window) shopping is a great Sunday afternoon activity 😉 So I’m baggin’ you to go grab yourself some tea + chocolate, go to: and enjoy the last bit of your weekend.

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