Back in the game

When I was 22, I went to Australia for a four month gettaway, like many students do. Even though my life is to called pretty awesome at this very moment… That particular time of my life was the best. And when I say the best, I mean THE FREAKIN’, BEYOND AWESOME BEST. I guess it’s clear now how good it was?!

During that freakin’, beyond awesome time, I lived in Sydney for two months and it was over there that I fell in love with the pink and orange Adidas jacket. I doubted for quite a while though. Because compared to my student income, this jacket was pretty expensive. But in the last week of my trip, I was convinced that I should buy it. And so I did! Yay me. The beloved jacket was finally mine.

For a pretty long time I felt amazing in it. I wore it with all the pride I had in me. But then the Adidas jackets got a little ‘last season’ and the jacket didn’t make me as happy as it used to. Still I gave it a perfect place in my sorted-on-color clothing closet. Everytime I opened my closet the jacket was shining bright like a diamond even though I didn’t feel like putting it on anymore…

But then. Last summer there were some rumors about the sporty look and ‘bomber jacket kinda jackets’ getting back in the fashion game. So I glanced at my jacket several times, decided to give it a little more time and at last decided to go for it.

Last week my jacket and I teamed up again! I put it on and it most definitely cheered me up! The bright pink and all those rays of sunshine might have helped a little. Anyhow. I felt ready for a touchdown and a hole in one at the same time. Can you tell that the pink Adidas jacket to me, is clearly back in the game?! Well I tell you: it is. And I hereby promise that whenever I feel like we’re a little off our game, I’ll once again put it in the pretiest corner of my closet. We all know bench players are the most eager ones.

Jacket: Adidas.
Jeans: Levi’s