Awesome Antwerp – 5 hotspots

Wow, what a ‘midweek weekend’. Midweek weekend? Yup, Jaap and I went to Antwerpen on Monday and Tuesday so I call that a midweek weekend. It was Jaap his birthday and I thought it would be a good idea to surprise him. It turned out that it was. Hip, hip? Hurray!!

I’ll now share with you my top 5 new places that I discovered during our two day stay; in my opinion some awesome hotspots:

1.Raphael Residence

One knows I love boutique hotels, but Raphael Residence is from now on officially in my top three ever! Huge bed: check! Lots of marble: check! Crazy cool wallpaper: check! Awesome magazines: check! And. So. On. Just check the pics and you’ll see what I mean. When in Antwerp, make sure to book a room at this place.


They do things slightly different over here. And I like that. At this hotspot they serve coffee with chili, cinnamon and honey for example. And it tastes de-lious. Like, seriously! Why didn’t anybody tell me about this option before? Their interior is spot on too and those yellow doors… Love this place.


Looking for a great eat? Are you a fish lover (as in: you like to eat it) and are you in for a shellfish party? Fiskebar is the place to go. While the interior looks quite simple, the dishes are very yum! Oh and the service is great too. Please order the suggestions the waiters present to you. I didn’t but Jaap did. And while my food was tasty, his was fingerlicking good.

4.Balls and Glory

You thought you knew meatballs? Wrong! Once you order a meatball (or a vegetarian version) at Balls and Glory, you’ll know that what you had before played in a totally different kind of league. Open the meatball and: surprise! You’ll find some sort of delicious sauce in it. These are meatballs 2.0. The interior of this place is trendy and vet ‘now-ish’ which I liked. Have some balls and give it a try…


Cool hotspot where you can have lunch, coffee or drinks whilst doing your laundry (or not, it’s up to you). That’s probably the best way to describe Wasbar. It’s a cool concept sponsored by Electrolux: smart! If you decide to order lunch there you’ll sure get value for money because they know how to fill you up at Wasbar. Keep those washing machines spinning and order another latte…