Winter white legs and sunny smiles

Last friday was the first summery day for me to enjoy. And so me and my little sis went for a little stroll, off to our picknick-location. We passed by the supermarket and bought lots of yum stuff like strawberries, cherry tomatoes, a baguette, some pesto and some humus (my fave). Walking out of the store, we were two happy muppets and once we sat down in the park, we started eating and chilling, and chilling and eating and so on. Yay us.

During the afternoon we watched the playing kids and the tough acting youngsters, laughed, talked and enjoyed the sun. At about 5pm we both had appointments and so we decided to head it homewards. On the way back we crossed this too cute to be true white little bridge and we felt like we just had to take some photo’s. And so we did.

I am wearing a dress from Juicy Couture, which me and my cousin actually bought like three years ago in Miami. And even though it’s obviously very much last season, or to be more precise: 6 seasons ago, I still think it is spot on. At least it makes me happy and that also counts for something, right?

Anyhow, while my sis and I walked home, we could smell the bbq’s getting heat up; the typical Dutch smell of summer. We smiled at each other and walked our, after this afternoon a little less winter-white, legs home. I bet that at the end of this summer, they’ll be perfectly tanned. And then they’ll be ready to get into our long legged jeans again. But well that’s then. For now, let’s just enjoy the sun. I’ve heard there will be lots of it today and tomorrow!