Talent: Freshly Framed

It’s been a while since I wrote about talented peeps. But sometimes you run into people that make you laugh, inspire you and make you want to spread the word. With the girls from Freshly Framed this recently, definitely was the case! Make to sure to read along and find out a whole lot more about these two illustrating goalgetters! 

What is that one thing that you are so freakin’ proud of? 
If we have to name one thing… That would be the Blake Lively Support. Oh, of course we’re very proud of each other. Sorry for the cheeziness. And other ‘to-be-proud-of’ moments are the Vogue, cooperations with big names and international publications…

Wait! What?! Back to Blake Lively…
Celine drew a photo of a jacket that Blake wore and she saw it and shared it via Instagram. That was so very special. When she shared our drawing, all really got going. And luckily it still is.

Illustrations are pretty hot a the moment. At Instagram you can find quite some nice illustrators for example. What makes Freshly Framed unique?
First of all: we agree. There are many talented peeps out there. Our faves are Jessica May Underwood and Drawbertson. Especially the latter is nice to follow for his humor. But even though sometimes we draw the same sort of things, being fashion items, our style is totally different from them. We’ve got our own autograph when it comes to the illustration style. It’s hard to describe. But as long as people keep saying ‘Hey, that looks like Freshly Framed’ instead of the other way around, we’re happy! By also showing Céline’s portraits and minimalistic illustrations, we hope to step out even a little bit more.

What makes that you are really a team?
That’s actually really simple. We are different on about the same amount of levels as we are the same. But about the fundament we agree and in the rest of it, we kind a like complete each other. Also we really dare to rely on each other and make critical notes on one another. Besides that we both like to work hard, have a great click and we can most certainly laugh with each other! And all of that combined, makes us a very strong team.

Who or what is on your bucketlist to draw? 
A Vogue cover! Back in the days the covers were all fully illustrated. It would be awesome if an illustrated cover were to be published, by Freshly Framed of course! Especially now illustrations are so hot and happening. VOGUE ARE YOU

And the eventual dream?
We don’t have only one dream. But there will of course always be dreams and goals. For now: staying girlbosses and working out ideas and wishes of inspiring and challenging clients. Nothing is more fun then to be able to let your creativity run wild in the favor of others.

Want to see some more of their work? Or maybe you’re looking for a great gift? (For you :D) => www.freshlyframed.com

(Photocredits portrait: Joyce Kamerbeek)