Smoothie workshop: Blend right in

Last Tuesday I got invited by Alpro for a smoothie workshop. I guess that regarding the title of my blog, it doesn’t need much explanation why I was enthusiastic about this invite…

What did I learn?
Maybe you’re now thinking: ‘Just put everything in the blender and push the pulse button. What’s there to learn?’ To those of you: I get your point. Really, I do! But after last Tuesday I now know that choosing the right ingredients can be quite challenging and interesting.

Food Pairing
At the start of our workshop this Belgium guy was being introduced to us. He told us about the way you can create great product combinations. Apparently it’s not only about taste. Also aroma’s (the things you smell) are very important. For example the combination of blue cheese and pineapple is pretty good one. White chocolate and caviar also go fantastic together.

My fave smoothie
Huh? What? Caviar and Blue cheese in a smoothie? No! Of course not 😉 These are just overall examples. The combination of ginger, mandarin and pomegranate is a great combination specifically for smoothies! Because of the floral tones that all ingredients have. And Alpro coco drink with mango, oranges and spinach will also make a great combination.

Curious for more recipes?
Alpro has launched a smoothie inspiration tool, which you can find here:

I’d say… Happy blending! #slurp