Robbies – #1 hotspot Den Bosch

Life is good down south. People are smiling and say ‘Hey’ even if you don’t know them. They are more down to earth (which by the way sometimes also annoys me, because in my opinion it’s nice to ‘fly’ a little every once in a while), they really enjoy good food AND they celebrate carnival. The best party of the year if you ask me. 

Ok, I’m getting off subject. Back to what I wanted to say: to me the southern part of Holland is home, even though I live in Amsterdam. My heart is in Brabant and especially in Den Bosch. 

And yay for the Den Bosch peeps: it is this city where recently a newbee has popped up. It’s called Robbies. Robbies is a conceptstore which you’ll find at Verwerstraat 33. This old bank building (you still find the huge-ass saves inside) has class, has history and has tons of cool stuff to buy.

The collection of Robbies goes from the too good to be true Marie-Stella-Maris care products to antique furniture. And from cute notebooks to glass and tableware.

The best thing? In my opnion that is… Their café! Once you sit yourself there. You will feel a little like you’re in France. The chansons on the background of course help. But also the marble tables, the menu and the decoration will make you feel it.

Oh and what I also really like? These people really know what they are doing… You can stall your shopping bags over there! So no excuses anymore; at Robbies you can really shop till you drop. Or drink a cappuccino. Or eat a croque monsieur.

It’s all possible, so really… It’s up to you. But no matter what you do, make sure you’ll enjoy it! I guess at Robbies, that won’t be a problem…