It’s so fluffy!

Do you remember Agnes’s unicorn in the movie Despicable Me? Of course you do! At least, I very much hope you do.  Because in my opinion it’s part of one of the cutest and most funny moviescenes ever; the scene where the too cute to be true Agnes looks at this huge, stuffed animal and yells from the top of her lungs ‘It’s SO fluffyyy!’

Which brings me to the pretty sweater you can see me wearing in the pictures above and below. Boy is this sweater freakin’ fluffy! It is perfect for your lazy Sunday mornings, while you are in your leggings reading Vogue, but when you got a lunch date on a Saturday afternoon and you wear it with a skirt, I swear: It will totally fit you as well! This pretty thang makes you feel both comfy and female.

So, call me despicable, but I think I could live in this new bestie of mine. And guess what… I am actually very much OKAY with that.

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