Outfit: Working 9 to 5

Huh? Wait. This outfit doesn’t scream 9 to 5… True! But the building I’m standing in front of is my 9-5 (or 10-6 or 11-8; long live the freelance life) workspot. So I guess that makes the title of this a fit after all.

#workmode is the place where serveral online influencers from Amsterdam (check out the total girlgang over here) are working their asses of day in day out.

Luckily such a place doens’t require pencil skirts and high buttoned blouses. Nope. It requires kick ass sneakers and quirky coats. Or something like that. Although wearing your sweatpants and a simple H&M top can work too. As long as you feel comfortable working in it, it’s actually all fine.

Lately I chose to wear this outfit. The loose striped bomber + mom jeans with paintdrips on it combine just fine if you’d ask me. It’s a total easy going outfit. Especially when you wear your fave sneakers underneath.

I like that the loose jeans are being tight at the hips. It makes that it’s a nice combination with the somewhat too big bomber on top. And… It’s a perfect desk outfit if you’d ask me! Now let’s kick ass today… #workmode

Bomber: Modstrom
Jeans: Modstrom
Sneakers: Nike
Watch: Renard