Outfit: Take me away somewhere sunny

When the sun shines we go out and about to get us some coffee, right? At least I love to do that. And so I went. Last Thursday the skies were blue and the sun was shining and even though it was pretty damn cold, I decided to wear a somewhat summery outfit, jump on my bike and get me a lovely cappuccino!

What was so very summery about my outfit? To start with: the colorful and Ibiza’ish bracelets, then the sunnies from Australia and last but most certainly not least: my flowy dress from SIS by Spijkers and Spijkers.

These two lovely ladies are some of my fave designers, most certainly when it comes to Holland. Their designs surprise me again and again! It’s graphic and clean combined with a whole lot of playfulness, which make the designs outstanding and fun. At least that’s what I think. I love that their fashion pieces say: ‘Hi, I know what I’m wearing. But I don’t take myself too serious for it’.

Of course it was pretty cold, so I couldn’t only wear a summer-ish Lolita dress, fringed boots and some cheerful bracelets. I had to at least bring my Maje coat. And a clutch. Not because it’s practical but because it’s pretty. And the hat? That one’s just for fun. I think a hat like this ads some edge to almost every outfit.

However, I had quite some fun this particular afternoon and I hope the photo’s will show you that. But I guess they do. And now? Now I’ll keep my fingers crossed for more of these sunshiny winter days… Are you with me? xoxo

Jacket: Maje
Dress: SIS by Spijkers and Spijkers
Boots: River Island
Bracelets: By Melz
Sunnies: Quay
Bag: Hip-e
Hat: Vintage market Paris