New York – One hand in the air for the big city

Here we are. My last blog about the big city. That is: for now. After all, you can never write enough about the city that never sleeps, right? I guess that it has become clear that I practically adore New York. In case you’re still guessing why, let me tell you about my downtown favorites. They make me adore this concrete jungle even more.

Want to experience the true Brooklyn feel? Then start the day with breakfast at The Five Leaves. It’s an awesome, hipster and grungy kind of place. Besides, the guys behind the bar are really handsome. We can pretend that that’s not a unique selling point, but let’s face it. It is. And of course also important: the food is so good!

After breakfast I’d say: go visit Brooklyn park. From there you’ll see the amazing skyline of New York plus the Brooklyn Bridge in its full glory. When you’re done taking your Instagram pics (I tell you: it’s a perfect moment for that) walk to the beginning of the Brooklyn bridge. Then walk back to Manhattan via the bridge and you will most definitely experience the Empire State of mind. Pinky swear.
East Village
Once back on Manhattan ground, please go to Beauty and Essex. It’s an amazing restaurant which serves tiny portions of even more amazing food. Beauty and Essex is more trendy than Cara Delevigne. It’s chef is a true hero. Try not to lick your fingers.

For shopping I would recommend Soho. Almost all big labels are here and there are lots of art galleries. Soho is very cute and compact. When it’s sunny, this is my recommendation: grab some take out coffee at Dean at Deluca (great place for foodies, though overprized, but then again a real foodie doesn’t really care, right?) and drink it at a bench next to one of the basketball fields while you watch the New York children play. You’ll definitely feel like a local.

Chelsea is awesome; industrial and a little dark, but also trendy and fresh. Start at Chelsea Market; an indoor, industrial looking food market. It’s really diverse; you can get your New York themed cookies over there, but in case you’re in a fancy kind of mood and want to choose your own lobster, that’s also possible.

After you made up your mind about what you want to eat (be warned: this could take quite some time), just grab it and go. Go where? Go up on the High Line. You can have lunch at this 2.0 kind of park, which will provide you with a view on Hudson River on your left and Chelsea on your right.

One extra Chelsea highlight: Restaurant Buddhakan. Remember the awesome place where the rehearsal dinner of Carry and Big takes place?  The place where Miranda fucks up? The place with the beautiful long table? This is it! And their food is heaven.

Meatpacking is the place to go to when you want to visit great restaurants and have some drinks. Spice Market is one of my favorite places over there. It serves delicious Asian food. When you finished dinner over there, go to the Gansevoort hotel (it’s right across the street). Take the elevator to the top floor and have some drinks while enjoying an awesome view over downtown New York and the Hudson River. Breathtaking.

Up for some celeb spotting? Then visit The Standard Hotel and after dinner the Boom Boom Room (it’s their bar at the rooftop). Dianne von Furstenberg for example is like a regular over here. But also Blake Lively, Kanye and John Mayer have been spotted at The Standard. In case you decide to go there, please do me a favor: order the Million Dollar chicken. You won’t know what hit you.

So. This is it. I have shared my most valuable tips with you. What do you think? Should I book another trip so I can discover and share more awesome places? One hand in the air for the big city. And the other one for YES as an answer to the just proposed question.