Nom Nom – Creative lunch at a great hotspot

Last Saturday my sis and I went for lunch at NomNom. A cute little place in Den Bosch, a hotspot that has recently opened.

Their interior is stunning, I fell in love with their lamps and pretty plates. My sis and I were hungry, but couldn’t decide what to pick (always a tough situation). We decided to pick everything. As in: the tasting plate.

The way they serve this plate at Nom Nom is to be called pretty creative. At a cake plateau several sandwiches are being presented to you. When you want to cut your sandwich in half, it gets a little complicated (because you plateau almost flips over). But I have to admit; it looked really cute.

And while we laughed about the struggle with the plates, we ate our sandwiches, drank mint tea, chatted way too much, laughed about nothing and enjoyed the silences in between like only sisters can do. Always a great thing to spend time with this little muppet and Nom Nom was a nice venue to do so. I guess I’ll head back soon to grab a drink or try their evening menu. If they use other place, everything should be fine! 😉