Nina van Bart – Friends, fashion and photo’s

About two weeks ago my friend Nina and I decided to meet at the Eye Filmmuseum. Nina is one of my closest friends and an amazing talent if you ask me. She graduated Design Acamdemy Eindhoven in 2013 and is now building her career, which I believe is going to become huge.

When we were having drinks a few months ago, we decided to do a little project together for my blog. Time passed by and what seemed to become an everlasting idea (as in: we weren’t going to execute), finally got real when we set a time and date. So on a cloudy Sunday afternoon I got on the ferry to Amsterdam Noord. For a few minutes I enjoyed the wind in my hair and the view of het IJ and then it was time to hop off, off to the museum with the great architetural design.

I stepped inside the Eye film museum, went to their café and ordered a cappuccino. While I spooned the foam and sipped the coffee, I waited for my friend to arrive. After few minutes I received a text from her: She’d been working in the train and totally lost track of time, therefor she forgot to get out at the right train station. I grinned, we are totally the same when it comes to these kinds of things! Half and hour later she set foot in the restaurant. Bouncy curls and a pretty smile came walking towards my table. I asked her if she wanted a cappuccino too. But she said she was going to explore the museum and it’s surroundingds. Like a total professional!

When she came back from all the exploring, we discussed the locations and types of photo’s we were gonna take. My style is a whole lot more commercial then hers, but we put a little of her credible fashion style in it. She felt what I wanted, added a little Nina to it and with these ingredients we shot a whole bunch of pictures. It was fun to work with her! She really has vision. It’s great to see your friends’ talents…

About one and a half our later, after quite some laughs and clicking about 200 pictures, we decided we were done. What to do next? Get back in the cafe and order some wine ofcourse! And some springrolls. That too. We chatted and laughed and had a great Sunday afternoon! It was only on the ferry that I realised that it was 9.30PM and that we had a great Sunday evening instead of an afternoon. Whoops! Didn’t matter, we had had the best time. Hope the pictures show you the professional skills of my friend and a little bit of the fun we had during this inspirational Sunday…

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