Mimi et Moi – An inspirational lady and a stunning jewelry brand

When I enter the atelier of Mimi et Toi, I am inspired immediately. The creativity is right there, no need to look any further! You can see it and also you can feel it. What’s also there, is the smiling face of Mimi herself, a woman who turned out to be one of the nicest people I’ve met in 2015 so far.

Come in, come in, she says. She appologises about the mess (which is one of the inspiring aspects, so no need to apologise if you’d ask me) and she get’s me a glass of water. While I am staring at all the beautiful jewelry around me, falling in love with one piece after another, Mimi starts to tell me her story.

This mother (of one of the most pretty kids I’ve ever seen) started Mimi et Toi in 2009. Here’s a fun fact: Mimi doesn’t really like jewelry. At least, not the conventional type. But when she started working at Beadies, she found out that she liked this job a whole lot; Being with the girls, being creative all day long and drinking tea, I have to say: that sounds pretty good to me too. Also she found out that she was able to create a new sort of jewelry. No classical diamond rings or necklaces with one hanger, but by her travels inspired jewelry that is breathing a strong vibe, meanwhile creating some sort of statement. More and more often friends started asking her if she could help them out by creating something beautiful and one friend even asked her if she wanted to sell some jewelry in her store. It didn’t take Mimi too long after that, to officially start Mimi et Toi.

Being inspired by her own life, people around her and the amazing places she has visited (Paris being the absolute number one), Mimi creates some sort of a bohemian, rockstar-chique style. She explains to me how the saw stands for breaking through some moments in life and the teeth for staying strong. Every piece in her collections has it’s own story and it’s own meaning and that makes that, in my opinion, the Mimi et Toi collections really rocks it.

At the end of our conversation, Mimi tells me that she wants me to pick two pieces from her collection. Wow! As I am a huge fan of the Triple Stone Ring from the moment I saw it, I decide to choose that one. And because in between the chatting about the jewelry, we also talked about love and all it’s fun and complications, I decide to pick the Amour necklace as well.

In the pictures I tried to make you feel the Mimi et Toi vibe by combining these beautiful pieces with some high heels, a short skirt, red lipstick and my fringe jacket. I hope this outfit slightly touches the bohemian rockstar-chique style which Mimi et Toi masters so amazingly.

However, one thing is for sure: I absolutely love the Mimi et Toi jewelry and Mimi is a woman that has inspired me even more to do what I love and love what I do. Amour is everything. Period.

(Good news by the way: Mimi is coming up with some awesome bags and clothing too. Keep an eye on her website: www.mimiettoi.com).

Jewelry: Mimi et Toi 
Jacket: Gesponnen Suiker
Longsleeve: American Apparel
Skirt: Suncoo Paris