Meredith Wing – Flower girls and quite some talent

Not too long ago, I stumbled upon the work of Meredith Wing; a very creative American gall, who recently moved to Sydney (for which I am very jealous of her by the way). Her drawings are way more than just drawings, she plays with different kinds of materials like feathers, buttons and flowers and I am a huge fan of the latest! Her flower drawings are going by the title #someflowergirls and during Coachella these flowergirls were pretty popular because of the cooperation with Soho House. During one of the most fashionable festivals of the year, Meredith made drawings for some awesome brands like Coach, Patron and Greygoose!

When she told me she’d be happy to draw me as #Someflowergirl too, I was to be called a very (very!) happy puppet (it’s the drawing you see above). I definitely also wanted to get to know Meredith and her talent a little bit better and therefor I asked her a few questions…

It appears that from the age of five Meredith has been sketching and doodling whimsical ladies in fancy dresses. But it obviously didn’t stop there. Her creativity has expressed itself in several ways, from drawing to painting, from photography to fashion design, from architecture to  interior design and so on. During the discovery of all these different kinds of creative outlets the whimsical ladies stayed. Yay for us.

Like many creatives, Meredith gets inspired by lots of things: anything whimsical; aesthetic and slightly haunting in its ephemerality, peonies and Dusty Miller, the photography of Sally Mann or Robert and Shana ParkHarrison, the deep shadows of a Tadao Aando space and so on, and so on.

I was wondering how the eventual flowersgirls actually arose and Meredith told me the following: They were born at the airport. During a layover, some years ago now, she was sketching a little. Meanwhile her now fiance and she herself were playing a little with some chewing gum. Boredom at airports, I guess we all know that one… They ended up making a purse out of the chewing gum. And let’s face it… If they could create something with chewing gum, then of course they could make it work with other materials too!

In the future she’d like to know some more about the materials she’s working with right now, so co-ops with jewelry companies and florists are very appealing to her. Furthermore the ‘dream’ is to draw the days away in a sunlit studio, while continually being energized by creativity. Shall I tell you something? I think she’ll manage!

In case you’d like to follow Meredith and her beautiful work (please do so!), you can do so via Instagram: @moomooi. But be warned: her work is blooming every single time, so it’s easy to fall in love with it…

(By the way: Too cool, the Dirty Hippie shirt is actually a shirt of mine! I got it at Gesponnen Suiker, a cute little store in Amsterdam in case you’d like to know ;-)).