Madrid discoveries Part 2

After a beautiful day one and two it was time for Madrid day three and four. And while waking up between my clean and crisp hotel sheets, I was thinking that if these days would only be half as good as the first two days, it were gonna be some pretty awesome ones. And let me tell you: they turned out to be so. I hereby share with you my last few Madrid highlights.

El Huerto de Lucas
On day three my mom and I started with a nice walk through the city on our way to breakfast. We had heard from El Huerto de Lucas via El Huerto de Lucas is a total biological market, which is beautifully designed. Even though you’re sitting inside, it feels like your sitting outside because of all the daylight and the plants that are hanging on the ceiling. When my mom and I set foot inside, it turned out we were the only visitors. El huerto de Lucas is not a touristic place so to say; it’s more like a locals-only kind of place. Lateron that morning some people came in to discuss business or just to grab a cup of coffee.

My mom and I ordered breakfast: yogurt with chia seed, home made muesli and cashews. It was delicious and after breakfast we decided to go on and stroll a little through this neighborhood called Justicia. Cute little shops popped up at about every corner and we really enjoyed the beauty of Madrid once again.

Mercado de San Miguel

After some touristic events in the afternoon, at the end of the day we stumbled upon another food market: Mercado de San Miguel. This market is a little more commercial, but let me tell you: that doesn’t make it less fun. At this market the food stands are being creative with their signing, which I love and also the food they produce looks really, really yum.

My mom and I decided to order a little plate of paella (can’t miss out on that one, when you’re in Spain I guess) and after a full day of walking with pretty high temperatures (it was about 40 degrees) we also decided to go for a major refreshment. So we ordered gin and tonic.

As we enjoyed our food and drinks, we were having some beautiful conversations while getting a little bit drunk. Oops! After finishing all of the deliciousness, we decided to head it back to the hotel, freshen up, pick another pretty outfit and head over to dinner.

Punk Bach

At our last night we had dinner at Punk Bach. The credits for discovering this restaurant go to the friendly guy behind the reception of the ME by Meliá (our hotel). He recommended it with such enthusiasm that we couldn’t say no and decided to make reservations here. Punk Bach turned out to be a very stylish though also kinda old school place.

It’s interior is classical in a modern way. Besides, their menu is pretty original, you won’t find much of the usual on it. My mom and I had a delicious dinner which was being accompanied with some great wine. My fave dish was the home made pasta with truffle and caviar oil. I haven’t ever tasted the freshness of a pasta as good as I did here. It was so good that in my opinion it didn’t need as much sauce as came with it but furthermore; no complaints! At the end of the evening, we left the restaurant with a big smile.

SkinC – ME by Meliá

On our last morning my mom and I decided to have a manicure. Love those. But I have to say that usually it looks really pretty for two days or so and then the nail polish starts getting of (which looks really ugly actually, guess you guys know what I’m talking about ;-)). Therefor I decided to go for a gellack. Hadn’t had one before, but I’d heard lots about it and decided to give it a try. I have to say: four days later it’s still on perfectly! So that makes me happy. What also made me happy was the cute woman who took care of my nails. She totally nailed it 😉 (sorry, couldn’t resist). She told me lots about her salon at Ibiza where she’ll head it too in a few weeks, about her new love who she doesn’t want to leave behind, but who hopefully can kinda come with her and we talked about which emoticons are our favorites. I loved talking to her.

Eventually she told me that she wanted to give my mom and me a facial treatment, just as an extra. Wow. That was a super, super, super nice surprise! And also, I have to say: this treatment was the nicest facial treatment I’ve had so far. When my mom and I left the salon, smiles and hugs were there and we took a picture to remember this new manicure-friend. After my mom and I said goodbye, we waved at the girls and got up to our room. We grabbed our stuff as fast as possible, because now it really was time to check-out and head it home. Oh nooo, we really didn’t want to go, but then again we really had to.

As we were sitting in the cab, watching Madrid passing by, we were being quite and both had a little smile on our face. It had been a very special weekend. Being with my mom and having all this fun, great conversations, beautiful food and drinks, meeting kind people and visiting great places, made me feel very rich!

This weekend will be one I’m gonna remember for a very long time. That’s for sure. And I’d certainly invite you to go to Madrid to go make your own memories. Let me tell you: it’s totally worth it. Muchos Plezieros & Adios 😉