Joyce Bakker – From model to interior designer

© Photo Credits: Perla Maarek

Instagram is full of inspirational and beautiful people. It’s full of positivity and pretty pictures. Sometimes this might seem superficial, but I can’t help it: I like it. I really have to admit that all these pretty images make me happy throughout the day. And every now and then I stumble upon a face that intrigues me so much, I want to follow him or (mostly) her. In this case: Joyce Bakker; a nineteen year old model, who has just started her own blog ( We got in touch and decided to go for lunch. We found out that we’re both kind of fan of the Conservatorium Hotel so that was where we met up.

I was in time (an exeption) and Joyce was slightly late, which was absolutely no prob, because at a venue like this it’s easy to be entertained by it’s surroundings and visitors. When Joyce entered it was a typical ‘model-walks-into-a-room-kinda-moment’: she was even more beautiful than on the pictures and people turned their heads. Such natural beauty is something that’s really very rare, the people that have it are usually called models…

© Photo Credits: John-Pail Pietrus

This Frysian girl turned out to be incredibly kind as well and it didn’t take me too long to like her. We sat down, started chatting right away and while I had actually planned an interview, it eventually just became a conversation, while in between I said ‘Oh wait: I have a question to ask’ . And then we’d go on chatting just like we did before. She told me about her life in Friesland and the real deal she has over there: a few close friends who, if I may believe her, mean the world to her. But she also told me about her recent love in Amsterdam, with who she really seems to have a connection and they do lots of fun things together. She smiles in some sort of a shy way when she tells me about him. It’s funny to watch.

Of course I asked her about her modelling-career: how did it start and why did she decide to put it on hold (she did)? As she tells me: it all started at the Model Convention. Her mom and aunt thought she should to take a chance and they decided to sign her up. That turned out to be a pretty good idea. The Model Convention is an event on which lots of international scouts are gathered to spot the latest talent. From the 20 scouts that were attending, 17 of them were interested in Joyce. Wow, well done mummy and aunt! And Joyce of course. Eventually she chose Micha Models. After all she had seen some awesome stuff happening with girls like Bregje Heinen and which model doesn’t want that?

© Photo Credits: Esther Grass Vergara

After the ‘how-it-all-started-story’ we decided to both order an Akasha salad, which was somewhat overpriced (about which one shouldn’t complain when choosing to eat at the Conservatorium Hotel, so I won’t) but definitely delicious!

Joyce told me some more about the modelling: After getting signed at Micha, an exiting time came up: the next weekend she flew to Paris and after that, during school vacations she’d spend some time in Paris and Milan. Also she lived in Londen for a little while and shot (her biggest pride) an editorial in bridal (!) couture for Vogue Japan Wedding. The jewelry she wore had it’s own bodyguards, that kinda stuff.

© Photo Credits: Jeroen van Lelieveld

As she tells me; she had an awesome time and has learned a whole lot about herself but then again: there’s more to her. She also really likes interior design. She grew up with two parents having a business in it, so it wasn’t too difficult to fall in love with. She is really enthusiastic about her interior design study and also, she wants to do the things she does perfectly and that’s not really possible with both modelling and studying. Therefor, she decided to quit her modelling job for a little while.

But that she can’t really sit still is easily outlined by the fact that recently she started her own blog: I tell you: it’s an inspirational blog with lots of hotspots on it + some fashion inspiration. In case you’re curious, feel free to take a look. Oh and please leave a comment if you like, I guess she’d love that.

I hope to bump into Joyce some time soon again. And I have a feeling that with her blog and all I will see this girl more often the upcomming time. Yay! That means: more chatting, fun lunches and model inside-stories. Exactly my cup of tea.