Hotspots in Knokke

It was Friday evening when we arrived at Knokke; a little town at the Belgium coast. We being: Jaap, one of my best friends Birgitte, her b-friend and me of course. Immediately after we arrived the first bottle of cava got popped (I really, really like that sound), we cooked a four-course meal and catched up about work, family and anything else in life. We had so much fun that the cooking got delayed a little, or actually a lot; we started eating our desserts at 00.00. This pretty much defines the great evening.

That Saturday morning it felt like the empty wine bottles of the night before were clinging to our heads. What helped a little was the delicious brunch we had. It got us up and running (or at least walking) again and we decided it was time to go for a beach stroll. One knows how I love that! The wind in your hair, some sun in your face and you could totally smell it: Spring was in the air.

Art & fashion

Along the beach my favorite art-gallery (the Absolute Art Gallery) is to be found. So Birgitte and I couldn’t resist paying a quick visit. After being amazed by all the pretty art, we decided to go to our favorite shop: Maje. A beautiful brand of which I really can’t get enough! Every time I enter their shop I want to just buy the whole store; their ‘je ne sais quoi’ is more than amazing.

It didn’t take me too long to fall in love with a pretty piece. My eye fell on a very cool short skirt. I winked at it, it winked back at me and I decided to give it a go. The skirt seemed to be combined best with a simple black t-shirt and my all black Chelsea boots. I showed it to Birgitte. When she smiled right away, I knew this one had to be mine!


That evening we were having diner at Czar’s; an amazing restaurant with the friendliest personel that almost always finds a new way to surprise me! This time they stunned me by handing me a tiny table on which I could put my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. Did these people get me! But that was not all: the food and wine pairing were once again pretty damn good too.

Let’s take a gamble…

After dinner it was time to hit the Casino! Which in Knokke is some sort of old-school venue. Almost everybody is dressed up and there are diamond chandeliers hanging at the ceiling; it kinda feels like a casino in a James Bond movie. Except for the croupiers who speak Flemish. But let’s say that’s just a minor detail.

I love you, but I’ve chosen disco

We all got ourselves some chips and played a little blackjack. Luck was on our side that night and we ended up winning enough money to treat ourselves a bottle of champagne at the Kitsch club. Over there we had so much fun! It’s a club where all the rich kids are spending way too much money and we acted like we were one of them. And we had so much fun doing that. Anyhow, we eventually, literally danced the night away!

The next morning our feet were still hurting from all of that, but furthermore everybody was surprisingly fine. Besides, the sunshine was there once again. Hurray! So after some chilling, some laughing till we cried, a second beach stroll that weekend and a nice lunch, sun was setting and we couldn’t postpone anymore: it was time to head home.

It had been the kind of weekend which you never want to be over. Facing the end of it, made me a little sad. But then I saw the last few sunbeams of the day and all the sudden I couldn’t help myself smiling again because I realized: something great had happened last weekend. Spring had finally sprung! And to me, it couldn’t have sprung any better…