Hotspot: Venus & Adonis – A divine restaurant

The name of this hotspot sounds divine. And let me tell you the looks of this place sure are!

From the tile floor to the lights at the ceiling and from the velvet yellow stools to the blue velvet curtains. The one who took care of this place sure knew what ‘spot on’ means!

And that is not all. When you claim a table at the window you can spot the people passing by (mostly tourists). Also: the wine is fine and the food is good. Autch, bad joke. True though!

For lunch they serve pita’s, burgers, salads and soups. I’ve tried the first three and I hereby give you the green light! I’m pretty sure you’ll like this place.

A tip: After lunch of dinner, go for a little stroll along the canals. It won’t only make you feel lighter (admit it: we all like that) I will probably also make your day. At least it made mine. But that’s no surprise 😉