Hotspot: Hopper – Coffee and Cake (and actually a whole lot more)

It might come as a shock to you that I’m a sucker for cool coffee spots. Oh no wait. It probably won’t. I tell you about them all the time. Anyhow, nowadays I am visiting Rotterdam some more (work wise), which is good news, because it gives me the opportunity to explore this mega cool city plus it’s awesome hotspots. And I started with this coffee place called Hopper.

At Hopper they want things to be tasty, the real deal. Yes, they are trying to get as many biological dishes on their menu as possible, but key is that you get a smile from ear to ear on your face when you take a bite. Or sip. Depends on what you ordered.

Well, I can tell you from my own experienced that they are succeeding in the taste-part. Very much to be some more precise. Those brownies are jaw dropping (bot don’t forget to close your mouth again, because you really want to chew and swallow when it comes to these babies.

And my Caprese sandwhich was the best I had in times. For real! Only thing I can think of to improve it? More pesto. Because it was really good.

The interior is very ‘now’ and the people who work there are oh so friendly. So are you visiting Roffa anytime soon? Go grab your coffee, cake and lunch at Hopper, because you’ll love it!