Hotspot: Hometown – Easy going coffeeplace

The Hague, it is most certainly a unique city. The history, beautiful buildings and chique atmosphere make this city one of a kind in my opinion. Every now and then I visit our very own tiny Washington. Some of my friends live here and I just really like it’s vibe. As always I love to discover spots I didn’t know before. And where better to do so then in a city which you don’t visit that often? 

This time I ended up at Hometown. You don’t expect such a cute place at such a touristic spot. However Hometown at Het Buitenhof is pretty cool! Even though it’s not hidden in some sort of alley. 

Their coffee is yum and I love their drawings on the window! The slogan they hold on to? ‘We love coffee!’ A slogan that appeals to me. A lot. 

You can by the way also have lunch at Hometown. It’s not briljant, but it will do. What is brilliant is their cake. That really is the ‘I want more kinda pastry’. What more I like about this spot? It’s next to the cinema. So perfect for a relaxed afternoon: coffee and chats first, awesome movie after.

Oh and one extra The Hague tip: Go to ‘De Graaff’. It’s a cigar shop where they sell the best chocolat in this country (Wow, am I making this statement? Yes, I am!) A bar is gonna cost you quite some money (€19,50,- no joke!) but it’s totally worth it! 

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