Hotspot: Gallery 3 – New fave

Wow! I discovered a new hotspot on the Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam! Or maybe I should put it like this: I biked passed Gallery 3 several times before and when my friend Ashkan from Dishtales posted a picture on his Insta which was too pretty for words, I knew I had to have lunch at this hotspot. Soon, really soon!

So when my dad and his girlfriend where visiting Amsterdam this weekend and we where making plans for lunch, I proposed to meet up at Gallery 3. And so we did.

I wasn’t disappointed. Our plates looked just as good as those on Ashkan’s Insta picture did. No filter needed there. But even more important… the dishes tasted absolutely yum as well!

I chose pancakes, my dad went for some classic fried eggs with smoked salmon and my dads girlfriend decided to go healthy and order toast with avo, egg and radish. All three were definitely a hit. I won’t say that my pancakes are better then the ones at Dignita (they are still my Amsterdam nr. 1) but they are definitely good!

What’s more to like? The waiter is too cute to be true. Haven’t experienced such friendliness in Amsterdam very often before. Also I like the wall art, the fact that they serve M&M’s with the hot breweries and that they serve Marie-Stella-Maris (the water brand from which of each sold bottle goes some money to charity).

Waiting for more arguments? You’re not gonna get them. Because in my opinion all the above should do! Ok, one extra argument: it’s a good place to go with your Mr. Lovahlovah for it’s cute and all but not too girly.

Ok, this was it! Now: chop chop! Off to Gallery 3. Have fun and make sure to say ‘Hi’ from me :-)