Guts and Glory – A hotspot that honors it’s name.

Last week my besty (since forever) and I went to the, I guess somewhat famous restaurant: Guts and Glory. Reason being? My freakin’ awesome friend just follows her gut feeling and moves to the other side of the world for… L.O.V.E. She is taking the risk, trying to live her dream, following her heart without doing it blindly. That’s the way to go if you’d ask me. And also it asks for a too good to be true kinda lunch. So Guts and Glory it was!

I’d heard of this place before, but I never really went there. I have to say: I am really happy to have crossed it of my list now. This place serves only fish and it knows how to do so!

We choose a three course lunch with wine pairings and every other course was a new surprise. My fave? The precourse: sweet potato puree, ceviche, avocado creme and merengue. Wow! I really loved how they had put all my favourite ingredients on one plate. When I told the chef that this was the case, he smiled and high fived me. And that’s the vibe at Guts and Glory. Even though the place and it’s food is pretty fancy, the people who work there are really relaxed and very, very friendly.

Dominique and I talked about a lot of the usual things, like always. But also with such a big step ahead, we talked about the huge things in life. It comforting, inspirational and awesome. Just like the food!

At the very moment I’m writing this, my bestie is already in Brazil. The adventure has started! Hope to visit her sometime soon. But till then we’ll most certainly Facetime a lot.  Dodo, love you to the moon and back, you rock! To everybody else: hope you have a person like this muppet in your life too. If not, go find yourself one! A friend who is there for you every step of the way, who laughs with you and cries with you and who is honest to the bone, but will never judge you, is priceless. I tell you!