Florine Helmus – A huge talent

As you might know by now, I have a weak spot for talented people. Maybe some of you now think ‘Who doesn’t?’. But I don’t mean the talented people who already have a stage (although those can be very, very intriguing aswel), I mean the people who are the secretly hidden diamonds, the ones that are hard working to develop their natural, very special something with which they were born to the max. Today I’m shining my light on Florine Helmus. A 16 (!) year old photographer with some amazing skills.

Florine started playing around with the camera of her uncle few years ago and she was sold within a weekend. She decided to safe up and buy her own camera. Once she had one, she got kinda addicted to photography and developed her own style. Her romantic though strong pictures really touch me and I hope they touch you too.

Jorden Keith is Florine’s role model. The way he takes his photo’s and also the way he edits them speaks to her. She get’s a lot of inspiration from his work. Other sources that are of inspiration to Florine are Pinterest and Instagram. But besides that, the every day life is what’s intruiging her. From the expressions on peoples faces to the things that happen in her own surroundings and from magazines to the things she sees on tv.

What Florine likes most about photography is that it gives you the opportunity to show your own reality; you can show other people the way you look at things. Portrait pictures and fashion photo’s are her favorites, because she loves to show something pretty. That’s why working for for example Vogue and shooting people like Cara Delevigne is something she would very much love to do in the future. Where many 16 year old girls are endlessly doubting about what they want in live, Florine has actually pretty much figured it out. Travel the world and take breathtaking fashionpictures that move all of us. That’s the dream. And I think she made a pretty good start.

I got the honor to be photographed by her on a Thursday evening about two weeks ago. We had a lot of fun while shooting at the Zeedijk (hello drunk and stoned tourists). But besides all of that, I noticed her professional attitude and view on the scenery, the styling and me. I have to say I am pretty proud of some of the photo’s. But the most definitely go to Florine, that’s one thing that’s for sure!

Keep an eye on this one. Before you know it, she’s 26 and world famous…