Fancy Friday

Fancy Friday is a new concept I’d like to introduce. And with a whole lot of new hotspots in our capital city, that won’t be too difficult. Lately the hotel hospitality culture in Amsterdam is growing rapidly. What do I mean by hotel hospitality culture? I mean the New York feeling that you get the minute you set foot in a hotel bar or restaurant. Hotel bars and restaurants in Amsterdam are getting more New Yorkish aka fancier by the minute and I love it. Therefor I introduce Fancy Friday. It means: on Friday you get all dressed up and have a cocktail, great wine or corky beer with some of your most fab-ass friend and/or mr. lovahlovah. I guarantee SATC/Gossip Girl vibes.

Last Friday I started this initiative together with one of my closest friends, my boyfriend and hers at The Hoxton; a new venue at De Herengracht. When you enter The Hoxton, the chique though laidback interior starts smiling right at you.

The blue barstools match the black and white tiles perfectly and the chill couches, bookshelves and old-school lamps will make you feel at home the minute you set foot inside.

The bar personnel is pretty laid back (which means that sometimes you have to be a little patient), but also very friendly at all time (something I highly value) and the drinks are great.

I have to warn you though: if you ask for a spicy cocktail, they’ll make sure you get one. Which I loved. But because I know not everbody does, hereby my mayday!

Anyhow, paying a visit to the Hoxton is most definitely a good idea. And I have to say that only the pre-fun of Fancy Friday is already a great reason to give it a try (outfit details are to be found below). I am curious how you like it. And meanwhile I’ll start preparing my next FF. After all, it’s Wednesday already. Which means that in my opinion the weekend is getting pretty damn close. A little ‘Hurray’ for that!

My FF outfit: 
Skirt: Spijker en Spijkers
Top: American Apparel
Boots: Sacha
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Watch: Renard Watches.