Zies – Family matters in a new Utrecht hotspot

My family is important to me: My mom is my wisdom, my patience, my home. My dad is the nicest guy I know. Also he’s the one that knows that I still get happy from a bucket of icecream and he will always be behind me and my choices even when he’s not. My bro will be my roomie sometime soon. He is the one I have tons of memories with and with who I can still have hours of conversation and laughs until we cry. My little sis is one of my best friends, the one who’s always honest, even when you don’t want to hear it. And she inspires me by trying to do the right thing and making people happy over and over again.

It were these people with whom I was eating out at Zies; a winebar and bistro in Utrecht. Last Tuesday evening was like a little family reunion. Everyone of us lives his or her own live now. But once in a while we get together again and it feels like those good old times.

One thing we all have in common? Being late. So I was actually very proud to enter the pretty place at 7.01pm (we had an appointment at 7pm). My sis was already there (wow!). No sign of the rest of the family yet.

By 7.45pm everybody was in (finally) and the menu’s got handed out. I chose coquille ceviche and Libanese chicken, which turned out to be a great choice!

The plates were looking fancy and the ingredients matched in a way they should. Add the tasty wine and entertaining conversations and I was to be called a happy camper.

Although I was pretty full after the pre- and maincourse, I couldn’t refuse to order cheesecake for desert. One knows that usually I am very picky when it comes to cheesecake, but this one most definitely gets my credits! It was fingerlicking good..

Coffee and tea followed and by the time we’d finished those we had catched up on a whole lot of stuffl Time to go home…

The bills were paid, jokes were made and kisses and hugs were exchanged.

Back home I realised that this crazy little gang, that I get to call my family is actually pretty cool. I hope that the five of us get to hang out together sometime soon again. But with those un-matching agenda’s of ours it will probably take a while. But then again, that’s also ok. Because the thing with family is: you don’t need to meet up face to face to know that they are there for you. A quite awesome thing to realise.