Daily Poetry – Interior design and clothing in Den Bosch

I had entered Daily Poetry several times before, but this time I was going in for an interview. Daily Poetry is a warm and inspiring shop in De Vughterstraat in Den Bosch. Once you go inside, you will be inspired in an instant. 

It’s the kind of store that makes you smile the second you go in. In case you’re looking for a touching and original gift, minimal clothing or just a quite place to have a cup of coffee. Daily Poetry is the place to be.

I got curious about who’d actually founded this store and who’d put the great products together. It appeared to be a young couple with an eye for pretty, honest things: Britt and Sander.

Britt was in store last Saturday and sat down with me to tell me some about their beautiful store. While she poured me some tea, she started telling me the story of Daily Poetry. How almost all the furniture has been made of already existing materials, such as a bowling alley and a train carriage and how this isn’t their only store. Before they’d hit it off in Den Bosch, they already opened their first Daily Poetry store in Eindhoven.

I didn’t visit their store in Eindhoven yet (will most certainly do sometime soon). But when you enter their Den Bosch store, you’ll immediately notice the warm and inspiring feel, created by the great taste of Britt and Sander.

Nevertheless, what makes Daily Poetry so special in my opinion is that they care. They care about pretty stuff, about the well being of others and about the environment. And I guess you can feel some of the caring for each other in their store as well.

Daily Poetry is, as the name suggests, all about the little things in life. Enjoy these some more and fall in love with quality stuff that means something to you. That’s what Britt and Sander are kind of trying to tell their costumers.

When I ask Britt ‘ What is the dream?’. She looks around and says: ‘This is! I am so happy that we can do this. And it’s constantly changing; we are looking for new amazing products and concepts. For example: I missed the writing a little, so we decided to develop some postcards with a little poetry from my hand on it. Those will be in store soon!’ Another example: ‘Lately a girl walked in the store, asking if she could teach yoga over here. We are open to all kinds of stuff. As long as it fits the concept.’

I look around and I totally get where her happy and satisfied state of mind comes from. And the beauty about it is that she and Sander have all created it themselves. After about 20 minutes of chatting about Daily Poetry, Britt has to get going (the store is almost closing and some things have to be done before) and I am enjoying my Tiny Tony chocolate, a product that suits their store very well.