Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam – In case you like to act fancy

Sometimes you have to treat yourself, we all know that. So to start the weekend off in the best way possible, I decided last Friday, when I was totally zen after some yoga, to buy myself a glass of wine at The Conservatorium Hotel. It was expensive (€8,-) but amazing and most of all: totally worth it!

I love how you feel all fancy-pants once you set foot inside that building. And I love even more how their wine is of fabulous quality. While enjoying my wine, I secretly checked out the other guests. It’s funny to watch: from classy old people to urban hipsters and everything in between. All acting fancy and maybe a little uptight. But that’s fun to watch too.

Oh, by the way. Having lunch or dinner there is an option too. But be warned: you mostly pay for the good energy of the building. The food is fine, but a little overpriced. That’s why I prefer having drinks at this place. This very fancy place so to say.