New York – Concrete jungle were dreams are made of

As promised. Here I am, with some of my personal New York City tips. I already told you how much I love the ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made of’. And now I am going to reveal some of the places that created my huge crush.

The Upper East Side:
A friend of mine who lives in New York, took me to this great place on First Avenue called Felice. It’s a fancy looking modern Italian restaurant, which is awesome for lunch. All the waiters are Italian and almost all the costumers are Upper East Siders. We ordered a plate with a selection of their most delish things on it (think nuts, dried fruits, prosciutto di Parma and so on). Add a glass of Prosecco and your lunch will be an instant hit!

While you are already at the Upper Eastside, you could choose to walk to the Gugenheim. It will probably take you a little while to get there, but the walk is heaps of fun. That is because you’ll get to observe the beautiful Upper Eastsiders who are walking their beautiful dogs or are on their way to the manicure/gym/work. In case you get tired of walking, you can of course always grab a yellow cab. Believe me, you will feel fabulous when you raise your hand to hold such a yellow fellow and it stops. For you!

Whether you do or do not go inside the Gugenheim (I would say just do so when you are already there, but of course that’s up to you), it’s a great museum to pass by anyways. The building looks amazing and Central Park is just around the corner.

Central Park:
I guess, I don’t have to tell you a lot about Central Park. You’ve probably watched the movies and seen the pictures. We all know: this place is just ‘a kind of magic’. I have one tip for you though: when you like running, pack your running shoes when going to the big apple and run a lapse in this beyond awesome park. You will feel like a local!

The Upper West Side:
When you enter Central Park from the Upper East Side and you get out at the Upper West Side, you have probably passed the famous Boat House, Strawberry Fields and the Poets Walk and you might have gotten pretty hungry. What I then suggest is: go have some sushi at Sushi Damo, have a frozen yoghurt for desert at Pinkberry (a few doors to the left) and finish your night up at the amazing Hudson Hotel by ordering some fab cocktails at their bar.

When in NYC you have to experience Fifth Avenue. But I wouldn’t do the big shopping spree overthere because it’s very, very crowded. What a surprise.

What you should do, is have lunch at the topfloor of Saks Fifth Avenue. They have a funny combi menu (half a sandwich or salad + a little soup) and you are sitting with all the fancy Manhattan people overviewing Fifth Av. Now, how cool is that?

If you like modern art, you should definitely visit the Moma. It is my all time favorite when it comes down to museums! And when you’re visiting the Moma, I’d say visiting their restaurant afterwards is also a must do. It’s not cheap, but it is so fabulous! You’ll be sitting with the Iris Aphel kind of old ladies and the typical ‘I have to talk very loud because I am the uber man’ kind of business guys. Also the arty fashion crowd will be represented, of course. An experience on it’s own. The menu is orginal and the food tastes great. Have I already mentioned that I love everything about the Moma? No? Well I do.

Wow, I can go on and on about this city for hours. But for now let’s keep it to this. Next week I’ll tell you all about my down-town favorites. So keep an eye on the blog and my Instagram account. There are lots of awesome hotspots to come…