Brasa – Trendy hotspot in Knokke

Knokke is one of my fave places to go. Going to the holiday house, with not much to do besides having great conversations, taking walks along the beach, going for some shopping, eating and drinking. What’s not to like?

The only thing about Knokke is that it is not a very trendy town when it comes to cute coffee places or too cool for school restaurants. That is… Untill now!

Recently Brasa opened it’s doors! Brasa is a place which you can without a doubt call a hotspot. And over there meat is the one thing that matters most. Ok, besides delicious wines and great gin tonics.

The interior is industrial with an open kitchen, pretty bar and very cool wall painting. And besides that they just do some things different and I like that!

The way they present their cutlery for example and I also love the tiny flags that they stick in the meat, to make sure that you know what kind of meat you are eating.

And whichever piece of meat you choose, I guess you won’t be disappointed. I tried only two sorts and loved them both. A lot.

But even though meat is what makes Brasa’s world go round, please also consider the mackerel as a started dish! Because when you taste this dish, you can taste a tiny bit of the refinement from Brasa’s older brother: Cuine33. The latter has earned a Michelin Star and I’m planning to try this one sometime soon.

Will you stay tuned? To be continued…