Betty Blue – Cuteness overload

It was pretty damn early when I biked through Amsterdam, while avoiding garbage trucks and watching the city wake up. I was on my way to have breakfast with my friend with the same name: Marjolein. It was at Betty and Blue in the Snoekjessteeg that Marjolein and I met.

We picked out the pretiest spot in the venue (it was still pretty quiet this early, so lucky us) and we ordered a coffee and a cappuccino. While hitting it of talking about almost anything, we were enjoying the scenery. At Betty’s plants are hanging in ropes on the ceiling and lots of old carpets and cute small vases with field flowers in it are used for decoration. Besides there are yummy cakes and there’s delicous pastry. This is the kind of place that makes you feel at home.

After the gasping around we decided to order some breakfast. After all, that’s where we came for. While the pretty cakes and all were very tempting, we both decided to have a healthy start of the day and we ordered some yogurt with home made granola and fresh fruit. My fave breakfast (that is: besides fresh smoothies and pancakes).

The breakfast was delicious, the service was good and with some easy going tunes in the background, we had a wonderful morning! Marjolein and I took some funny photo’s in front of the great ‘You are spectacular!’ wall and after all of that we decided to explore few other nice places in the city. We stoppen over at Stach and Anna & Nina and we couldn’t resist taking some touristy photo’s at the bridge close to de Nieuwmarkt.