Beautiful Bruges

A day with my family in Bruges, that was quite something. My brother, little sis and I decided to organize a surprise day for my dad and so we kidnapped him to Bruges. And that was an awesome idea, because this city is too cute to be true. Just like my family. Hereby I share with you two of the venues I visited and liked a whole lot!

I love coffee café

I love coffee café: an easy does it kinda name. But they obviously love coffee at this café and they definitely know how to make it. One knows I’m a sucker for barrista-art hearts, so they sure put a smile on my face when they served me a pretty looking cup of caffeine. In case you’ve got someone with you that has enough energy already (aka doesn’t need a caffeine shot) they serve their oj’s with a cookie too.

Don’t forget to check out their toilet once you’re there. It made me laugh out loud! Oh and one more tip before you go there: bring cash. The ATM is not close and you can’t pay by card.

Jilles Beer and Burgers

When you bring your dad, you gotta adapt to manhood. At least a little. Therefor I chose this cool burger bar to go to for diner. And was that a good choice!

In case you like an easy though tasty meal, definitely go to Jilles. Not only do they serve delicious burgers (from classic to vegetarian), they also advice you which beer to drink with your burger.

And once you try their combinations, you know that they know their mixing and matching. I like that.

The interior at Jilles is as cool as their beers: it’s manly, tough and stylish at the same time. My little brother and I were big fans right away.

Some other places I’ve heard off, but wasn’t able to visit this very day:
Jus: a stylish wine bar;
The Gulliver Tree: a somewhat more lady- like coffee café and
Lieven: a trendy and cool restaurant.

In case you’ve got some more tips for my next visit, please leave them below. ‘Cause I think I’ll visit again sometime soon. And to be honest, I think you should do the same…