Art Deli – Art and yum food (really yum)

I’d been there before and even though I already was kind of a fan, after last Friday, I am even more enthusiastic. Besides the awesome art and design, the Art Deli menu is quite original for they serve bites with an Indonesian twist. My sis and I came in at 7.30pm and we picked the best place in the room, next to the amazing blue art piece. 

My sis decided which bites we were gonna order and for the first round we ended up with the scallops + cauliflower cream and the double baked cheese soufflé with grape compote. Yum! After that, we were being surprised with the ricotta-fennel waffels (my favorite) and the too good to be true fishcakes with a chili coriander dip. To finish up all of this deliciousness, we chose tuna tartar (the best) and roast beef. When our bellies were full and we had gotten a little drunk by the Verdejo, we decided to take a little look at ‘Deepfried Friday’: a nice little party that Art Deli hosts every, surprise, surprise… Friday night. We danced to some of their groovy tunes and really enjoyed the rest of our evening. I can totally recommend you to do the same sometime soon…

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