A hell of a burger

Sunday afternoon. 13.55 o’ Clock. My friend N calls me: ‘Ok. So I’m not gonna make it.’ ‘Me neither’, I reply. We laugh. It’s always the same story with the two of us!

At 14.10 we end up meeting each other in the city center of Den Bosch. We’re going for lunch and haven’t seen eachother for way too long, so it’s time to give each other a heads up!

Like always we’re doubting where to go. And like always we know we have a mutual ultimate favourite. So here is what happens 99% of the time: we discuss all the other options and eventually we end up at Eetbar Dit. Again!

But this time both our eyes cath a newbee. It’s called Hap! And it says (on the outside) vegan (which is not particularly my thing, but I always like to try ‘different’ food) and fair food (which I guess is something we can all support). It looks a bit grungy and cute at the same time. We are both curious and decide to go in.

A very friendly guy points us two seats and asks us what we want to drink. A tea and a glass of water please. There are Tiny cupcakes on the tables and nacho’s with home made guacamole. Yum!!

N and I catch up on a lot of things and then all the sudden the guy who earlier on pointed us our seats, starts speaking. ‘Welcome at this launch. Good to have all of you here. Please eat, drink and be merry! The Chili vegan burgers are coming up any minute’.

I look at N and she looks right back at me. Launch?!! We start laughing. It appears to be an ‘invites only kind of thing’. For friends and family as a kick off of their crowdfunding to make sure the lunch-café/foodshop can open in March.

We tell the girl that appears to be the girlfriend of the friendly guy, that we thought they were allready open. And we ask her if we should leave. ‘No, no please stay!’ She says. ‘If only you wouldn’t mind to pay a small amount of money for the burger, then I’ll make sure it’s coming up!’  So we did.

And boy, did this burger taste good! N and I loved it so much that eventually both of us where late at our next appointment. It’s something that happens pretty often to us. The only difference being this time, was that we had a great excuse… Because, what’s a better excuse than the combination of a hell of a burger AND cupcakes?!

I hope they are able to fix the funding and open in march. Because then I will be one of their first real customers. That’s for sure!

Curious? www.hapdenbosch.nl